We are now the owners of two kitties.

I didn't ever think I'd type the sentence above.  ;)

 I am not a cat fan.  My family has never been "cat people" and I think that's where it stems.  However, we live in the country, and it only makes sense to have a barn cat or two around.  This year especially - the voles and gophers have been awful at our house (so much so that Clint paid big $$$ to have them gassed) and this is the 3rd year that I've had a mouse nest in my Camry.

 I guess I should be thankful we only have a mouse in the car, and not in the house. But still!!!

So when our friend Kyle told us that her mom had some barn kitties that were ready for a new home, I spoke for one.  And then I thought "Maybe I should talk to Clint about that first, to make sure he's ok with it."  ;)  And when I told him, he said "You probably better get 2 so they stick around."

He's a keeper!

So last Monday when I was off for the afternoon, the boys & I headed to Kim's house to pick up the kitties.  I wasn't expecting it, but Chandler LOVES the kitties.  Flat out is crazy about them.

We brought them home in a dog crate, and then I put them in our livestock trailer with a towel for a bed, food and water.  I shut the door, and took the boys inside to take a nap.  That didn't happen (ha!) so 45 minutes later when Chandler was still asking to see the kitties (and NOT napping) I gave in and took him outside.  We opened the trailer door.....and didn't see any kitties.

They were nowhere.  I checked the nose, under the trailer, around the trailer, and near where the dogs were.  I figured they'd squeezed through the tiny space where the slider door is and were gone.

Chandler kept asking "Where kitty?" over and over, and I had to honestly reply "I don't know buddy".  Since the kitties were gone, and I needed to pick up Extension Service District yard signs, we took the trailer to Pendleton, and then back home.

Imagine my surprise the next morning when Clint texted me "I found the kitties."

They were hiding behind the divider door the entire time!  When Clint went to haul cows to grass, he heard them and found them.  I imagine at that point - they were pretty hungry.  (I had taken the food and water dishes out the night before when I went to Pendleton since I figured they were gone and I didn't want it to spill everywhere.)  So he fed them, hooked onto a different trailer and left them alone.  Tuesday night after work, we took them out of the trailer and put them into a little dog crate/house so they were safe from Leo & Dot (our Border Collie dogs) and had a bit of room.


Chandler wanted to hold them so bad, he followed them into the kennel.

I was surprised again; Cal really likes them too and kept crawling over to the kennel, and trying to reach in to pet them.

So we are officially a family with kitties.

Hopefully we can keep them alive.  :)  And found. ;)

Once they get bigger (and able to run from the dogs) then they'll become barn kitties and live a leisurely life outside.

Hopefully earning their keep by killing mice, gophers & voles!


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