Life lately.

Hi friends.  Anyone else thankful that it's Friday?

And even better - it's a Friday with FEW plans going into the weekend.

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It was a fast & furious week.  We got home from PI late last Saturday, had Calvin's 1st birthday party on Sunday and then Clint left at 3:45 am on Monday for the week and I had work, irrigating and tried to keep these two boys alive.  :)

And fed.

Because Cal eats A TON, and I know what it is like now to buy 3 gallons of milk a week.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, because of the above and mama was tired.  But we'll fix that this weekend!  I'm looking forward to sleeping past 4:15....and if the nap gods align, and both boys are sleeping at the same time, well you might just find me sleeping too.  :)

 We did get baths every night though, opened SUPER fun cards that played music from Grandpa Dave & Grandma Melly, played after chores and dinner, and Chandler even found a stick of Clint's deodorant and thought he needed to wear some.  ;)

And Chandler also went to the dentist. PI last week, Chandler was playing with a friend and tripped over a roller packer (not sure what those are called, but it's a weighted roller that packs down shavings to make cattle beds) and hit his face on a metal cattle stall divider.  (I think, I was inside checking people in while the boys were with Clint.)  He cut his eye open, and I think that bled like crazy so it took a bit to get that figured out.  Later that night, after Chandler had bathed he was laid down on the bed while Clint was putting a diaper and jammies on and Clint says "Oh no, I think he lost a tooth."

And sure enough, it looked that way.  But he didn't seem to be in a ton of pain so the next morning, I called all five of the pediatric dentists who took our insurance in Bend/Redmond, OR and none were in the office that day.  So then I called our pediatric dentist in Hermiston, and they couldn't see him until Wed/Thur of this week.  They asked me a few questions and had me email in a picture of his mouth.....since he didn't seem to be in tremendous pain (we'd been giving him Tylenol, since his face was pretty bruised) they said we were ok to wait to get him in this week.

So Thursday morning I dropped Cal off at Kelley's, and took Chandler in to the dentist.  They took an x-ray, and discovered that instead of his tooth breaking off at the gum (like I had thought), the entire tooth was in tact and had gotten pushed up into his gum!  They said that rarely happens, but in this case was the best news and so instead of having to do a root canal or pull a root, we're just going to keep watching him and monitoring it month by month for a bit.  That was great news to us, and Chandler walked out of there with a new bouncy ball which was a win for him!\

So weekend plans....

Clint came home last night after teaching an AI session for the week, and we were excited to see him home!  We have a lot of work to catch up on around the house, and hopefully will get some irrigation pipe laid this weekend and if we're lucky - take the boys to the pool!

That's a little look at life lately - hope things are good with you too!


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