Pictures by Chan.

I've posted about this before, but Chandler LOVES taking pictures with my camera.

When we were in Nevada, I'd give it to him and it probably kept him occupied for a good hour.   It meant that I didn't get to take as many pictures as I probably wanted to; but being a mom means making sacrifices and if that's one I have to make, I'm happy to do it.  To try to protect the camera, I tie the camera strap so it's shorter and keep a hood on the lens.  That way when Chan's taking pictures of the dirt - the lens doesn't get too scratched up.  :)

Here are a few I thought were pretty decent.....

He must have been fond of Clint & Millie....there are a lot of those two in his pictures.


And keeping it real - this is what Chan looks like when you take the camera away....


 He's much happier looking like this.  :)


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