Weekend Wrap Up - Summer Fun Edition

Happy Monday!

I'm typing this from the couch as my kids are taking a nap, and I'm enjoying a cold Soleil Cherry Lime sparkling water.  :)  Our babysitter and her husband are in Hawaii this week, so I'm home this afternoon with the boys.  We have a babysitter in the mornings, and then Clint & I are trading off afternoons.  He's AI'ing all over this week in Central Oregon and Wallowa, but I think he's home a day or two.

The boys & I have a bunch of errands to run this afternoon and a meeting tonight, and then I imagine we'll break out the ice cream bars when we get home.  They were a common occurrence this weekend....

We had such a nice weekend!  We went to a wedding, AI'ed a set of heifers, ran errands, and did a few things around the house....but it was all done close to home, and we woke up in our beds every morning which is a great feeling!

So happy to be helping dad load panels.  :)

Breakfast of champions - bonus that I got to enjoy it outside!

Driving in our jammies.

Chandler LOVED having Grady and his brothers around this week to play with!

More ice cream!

Helping change water & pick up siphon tubes.

Mud pie makers!

The boys definitely earned their bath each night!


We AI'ed a few cows for Justin & Kim, and they had the perfect sized tractor for Chandler to climb up on and "drive" - he was in heaven!

I love BBQ'ing dinner!  No dishes.  :)

Cutest little clapper I know.  :)


So that's a little look at our weekend - hope yours was great too!

Keep living the dream!


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