Chandler - 2 1/2

Chandler turned 2 1/2 this weekend and I thought it would be fun to do an update about him.

He weighs about 40 pounds, is a little over 3 feet tall and weighs a size 4T.  He's still in diapers, but has started to show a little interest in potty training.  I thought we'd make a run for it two weeks ago....but he lost interest about then and I've heard enough about potty training boys that it's just easier to wait until they're 100% ready I think.
He is active and always busy.  During pee wee showmanship at the jackpot this weekend, Ryan was commenting that Chandler has 1 speed all of the time, and that is GO.  And he's right.  It's what we love about him - and also what we're trying to help him control.  When he gets that focused - it's awesome.  And when he can't get that focused, it's sometimes a melt down.  :)  He'll get there....but until then, we are just trying to help him go in the right direction.
We love him BIG, and he loves BIG back.  Kisses on the cheek, big hugs, and "wub you" are his specialty.  My favorite hugs are when he's just gotten out of the bath tub, and I've covered him in a towel....he leans in for the best, longest hug and just stays there. 
He also is so generous with thank you's, which we love. 
He loves cows, horses, tractors, fire trucks, trains, swimming, playing with a hose and water, climbing on panels and gates, opening car doors, driving, riding Cal's little quad, and his kitties.
He LOVES his brother, and has recently learned he can pick him up.  I'm not sure we love that, but we love the bond those two have.  When they wake up together in the morning, they are always SO tickled to see each other.
Chandler - you give us a run for our money, but it's the best run we'll ever take.  We love you so much buddy, and can't wait to see what 2 1/2 brings!

Love you!


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