Summer library party!

 The Stanfield Public Library had their summer program wrap up party last night in the park, and it was SO fun!

Every week, our library has a program for toddlers that our fabulous daycare provider Kelley takes our kids to.  It's one of the reasons that we love her; I can't imagine taking 5 kids to the library yet she does it every week happily.

In the summer time, the library has a special reading program and they wrap it up with a summer party.  They have prizes, dinner and then swimming! 

Our boy's attention span right now is not super awesome - I mean, they're 1 and 2 1/2 -  but we've been reading with Chandler more and he really enjoys it.  We totally attribute this to Cecili reading to him during the library time and Kelley making the effort to take him there - thank you ladies!!!

The kids got to line up and receive prizes, which were donated by the Walmart Distribution Center here in town - thank you!  Chandler got a fun crayon set, the girls got a Trolls journal set and every one got a hard cover book and a fun pirate face sticker book!

What's a pirates favorite letter?

The volunteer firemen cooked dinner, and then everyone hit the wading pool!

Our park has a volleyball/basketball court that has a lip around it and for the party every year the firemen fill it with water - it is SUPER fun for the kids to play in, and yet not deep at all.  Cal could crawl all around in it and his head was above water.  So fun!!!

Ay Yay and Yay Yay (their nicknames for each other) - they sure love each other!


 Chan loved to "float".

It was just a fun evening spent as a family.

Thank you again Stanfield Public Library & your supporters!


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