A quick update on Calvin!

He is saying:
Me - Plain as day.  :)
Mom - Mah!
Dad - Dah!
Ice - Ish
Drink - Dink
Dot - sounds like "dah"

He's learned to climb stairs (thanks Uncle Shawn!) and could walk if he wanted to.  He loves to climb up onto chairs and the sofa, and we have to make sure he doesn't climb out of his high chair.  He loves to race around the living room with a baby walker or a toy he can push.  Some nights Chandler will make laps with him, and they love it when I say "Ready, Set, Go!".

We have caught him taking a step or two, but then he catches himself and drops down to crawl.  Chandler was the same way (and didn't walk until 15 months) and it was nice because when he did walk, he was steady and just went. 

 He loves to get into the pantry, or if we open the fridge or freezer he races over to see what's in there. 
And he's like any other baby - he loves putting his hands in water (toilet water is his favorite) and pulling off toilet paper.  What can I say - we try to remember to shut the bathroom doors, but we're not perfect and it happens.  :)

It's been a while since he cut his 8th tooth, but he's got something coming in right now.  I think they're his lower teeth (5 and 6 on the bottom) and you can tell he's uncomfortable but he's still a pretty happy baby.


He's a snuggle bug, a water lover and definitely the better sleeper of the two boys.
He's an early riser, and wakes easily.  Once he's had a bottle and a diaper change, he's all smiles - but he needs those two things before he can start the day off happy.  :)

And breakfast in short order after waking up is pretty necessary too most days.  :)

We sure love you Cal!


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