Happy Thursday.


I have had great intentions to write a blog post this week and clearly you can see I've been super successful.  And also very creative with my title for this post.

Or maybe not.  ;)

This week has been busy, we got back from our trip to California for a wedding later than I thought (post coming!), I've had jury duty (I could tell you my thoughts there but that is a WHOLE different post), I haven't felt 100%, and work has been busy and just more mentally draining than I thought it would be this week.  BUT - the boys keep growing and I love looking back at old posts, so I'm putting my big girls pants on and hammering this post out and then I'm going to go on with my evening.  :) 


I'll preface the first picture with:

Cal can eat a lot.

Like A LOT.

Homeboy has mad eating skills.  I usually give him a banana before dinner to hold him over until I can get it cooked but Tuesday night he needed a banana and a string cheese....and then he still ate a full plate at dinner.

Clint was giving Chandler horse back rides and he was LOVING IT!

Chan had a check up at the dentist this week for his tooth, and it is coming back down!  We were excited and the dentist was pleased with what he saw.  He didn't have any fractured roots and it's coming down relatively straight which was all positive.  They were also impressed with how well he took x-rays and sat in the chair, which was nice to hear.  He made sure to get relaxed, lol which is why I have a picture of him mid-crossing his legs below.  :)

We had the Carnine girls over for dinner after work one night and it was so fun!

We did an easy hot dog, chips & yogurt dinner and then played and watched a movie.  Easy peasy, and Kyle and Trav brought us lemon pie when they picked up the girls that was delish!

We're headed to the county fair kickoff parade this weekend, and holding down the fort while Clint judges a county fair in Idaho.  Hopefully low key and easy!

Happy Thursday friends - hope you're living the dream!


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