Oregon State Fair.

We were only there for an afternoon, but we made the most out of our time at the 2018 Oregon State Fair!

Clint was asked to help with the livestock judging contest at the state fair, and since my mom was driving back home (she spent the weekend with us) we made it a family trip to the fair.  Clint left early (4 am early) in my mom's car for Salem, and then my mom, the boys and I left at 7.  We met up with my sister Lindsay and had fun at the fair!

The diggers and tractors were a favorite for both boys. 

These diggers were super sturdy- I took a picture of the brand because I'd buy one for us, they were that heavy duty.

When you are at state fair, you have to get ice cream from the dairy wive's Red Barn....it's a rule. ;)

Cal appreciated Lindsay sharing her shake.

And when in Rome.....err, at the fair

You have to ride the carnival rides!

It's hard not being 2 years old and 36 inches though. :(

It was a fun day at the fair!

I know the boys probably won't remember today, but I will and I hope they can look back and see how much fun we all had. :)


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