The kitty kitties.

I thought I'd give you an update on our cats - or "kitty kitties" as we all call them.

They're about 12 weeks old now and we've figured out that both are boys.

I'm surrounded by testosterone at our house.  ;)

This is Tripp.

He's named that because he likes to take trips, by jumping onto the frames of our cars and our friends rigs.  He's been to Pendleton, Helix and the babysitter's but so far he hasn't used up his 9 lives and has come back alive each time. 

Thanks Raymonds for taking care of him though for a week or so....

This is Sweetie.

He came to us with that name, and we can thank Taylor for being a replacement kitty for us when I ran over the other one.

I know.  In my defense though, he was in a field away from the house and it was 4:45 am when I was out changing water.


Chandler & Calvin LOVE the kitties.  Cal especially - he freaks out when they are at the sliding door and he can't go outside with them.  And then he gets mad when he tries to catch them, and they run away.  It's rough being 1.  ;)

Both cats are tame enough I can catch them, but wild enough that the boys can't hold them long enough to hurt them.  They've started to roam away from the porch, and we hope they'll be good gopher getters and catch a few mice. 

I never fancied myself a cat person; but these two aren't too bad. :)


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