Umatilla County Fair Parade.

We had such a nice weekend!  It was a good balance between getting things done, and having fun. 

The highlight was the Umatilla County Fair Kickoff Parade. This was our first year attending and it was SO MUCH FUN!

The boys really loved the tractors, semi trucks, marching band, and of course the candy.

Thanks to all of the local businesses and community groups who had floats! Our family benefited from your generosity and we thank you!

The rest of the weekend was nice too. Our babysitter was off on Friday, so I took the day off.  Clint had to leave super early to judge a fair in Idaho, so it was just the boys and I.  We woke up early, ran a few errands and then hit the local park.  Chandler LOVES to play at the park, and we had decent temps this weekend so we tried to do that every day.  Friday we played at the park in Stanfield, and Saturday we played at a playground at a local elementary school.  Cal is getting big enough that he can climb on things, and go down the slide if someone holds his hand and that is SO FUN!

I love this stage Cal is in!  Well, minus the sneaking off to put his hands in the toilet & unrolling toilet paper, lol - that I'm not a fan of but I know it passes.  He is big enough to kind of get things, can voice his opinion and physically can stand, crawl and walk along playground equipment. 

We got some work done at the house and are looking forward to fair week! But not the temps....110 degrees is not ideal fair weather and we hope everyone and their livestock find ways to stay cool.

How was your weekend? Did you go to the parade?


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