Umatilla County Fair

Umatilla County Fair wrapped up this past weekend, and I can honestly day we really enjoyed fair this year!

Obviously our kids aren't old enough to show, but we were there every day and just had a good time taking in everything there was to see and do...which is a lot!  Fair warning; this post is long but it's because we had a lot of fun & I took a lot of pictures.  My friend Anna posted that the boys won't remember the fun; but I will (which I loved) but maybe someday they can look back at this blog and see their smiles.  :)


This was my kid free day.  :)  Clint and I went in to watch the steer show, along with a few others from my office.  (We split up this year, and sent half in on Wednesday and the other half went Thursday so everyone could see the fair.)  It was a good steer show, and great to see the majority of the steers were fat, and ready for harvest.  Sometimes you get to a fat show and steers need more days on feed; but that wasn't the case for too many this year.  The kids all did a really nice job showing them and you could tell they had put in a lot of hard work!

It was pretty cool that morning, but we still snuck in a few "sweaty selfies" - this is Lindsay's hashtag she made last year and has continued; and it's a fun one!


Clint won tickets to the rodeo on Thursday, but he was in Wallowa County judging their fair so I took the boys in and we had a fun night.  We got to see the Clydesdales, say hi to friends, and Chandler got to ride his first carnival ride.  At first he was a little hesitant, but he quickly got over that and HAD A BALL!

I enjoyed getting to see the Clydesdales, but Chandler's favorite was the rides (next year Cal will be big enough to ride too), and both boys had a ball driving the tractors they had parked out in front at the rodeo.  We definitely spent more time driving than we did watching the rodeo.  :)


The Hermiston FFA Alumni served free Tillamook ice cream to all of the 4-H and FFA families right before the Master Showmanship contest that night, which I helped with and the boys were SO patient.  It took longer than I thought it would; and three ice cream cones later they were needing a change of clothes.  :)

We ran home and I got them washed up, and then we came back in to ride the rides with the Carnine girls.  Trav, Kyle, Taylor & Jory all came in and it was so fun to do the fair with them.  Clint was still in Wallowa County judging their fair, and so it was really nice to have Kyle & Trav's help and I think the kids had a great time together.  Cal had someone to sit with when Jory wasn't riding, and Taylor & Chandler rode all of the rides together.  Jory joined in on a few; but I think it was fun for her too to have someone to hang out with and watch with.


We ended the night looking at the animals, and the kids had a BLAST playing with a pig waterer in an empty pen in the pig barn.  :)  I didn't think they'd last as long as they did, but we rolled in the driveway at 10:30 pm with zero melt downs and Cal sound asleep.

And then we rolled back out the driveway and back to the county fair when I realized I had dropped my wallet & cell phone on the ground when I folded up the stroller & packed it into the van. 


Luckily they were right there where I had parked, I hadn't ran over my phone, and we only live 5 minutes from the fair so it wasn't too big of a deal.


I'm not on the auction committee, but I always help clerk the sale and so Saturday I headed into the fair to help with that while Clint stayed at home with the boys.  The sale was tremendous!  I say this a lot, but we are really thankful to live in a community that steps up over and over again to support youth in agriculture.  So many individuals and businesses turned out for the 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Auction and the prices reflected their support.  The highlights of the sale for me was the Champion Steer bringing $10/pound, and a little girl who is battling brain cancer whose lamb brought $50/pound and then later on with add on's bringing over $80/pound.  Pigs sold well (with the buyer bump program, no pig brought less than $5.40/pound) and if I had to guess I would say steers averaged $4.00/pound.  Lambs were tougher to sell, but I bet with the buyer bump they'll be ok.

And that was our fair!

I was going to take the boys back in Saturday afternoon, but the wind was whipping sand everywhere and Cal was tired so we stayed home.  Those extra carnival tickets will just have to wait.  :)   I know we have a lot of years of fair in front us of, and if this year's was any indicator of how fun they'll be - I'm looking forward to them.


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