Weekend wrap up.

We had a busy & full weekend!  It was my long weekend, and our county fair, which was nice timing.  We really got to do a lot of things, and then had Sunday to catch up around the house and do errands.

I had the oil changed & my van serviced on Friday, so while we were waiting for that the boys and I walked down the street to play in the playland at McDonald's.  It was early in the morning, so we were the only ones in the play area - which is totally the time to go.  :)  Cal got to climb all the way to the top and both boys ran off a lot of energy.


Cal just loves to "help" me unload the dishwasher, but I think he really just helps so he can play in the empty dishwasher when we're done.  ;)

Friday night we went into the fair to serve ice cream to the 4-H and FFA kids, and then we ran home to change before coming back to ride rides with the Carnine's.  (I'll post that tomorrow.)  Serving ice cream took longer than I thought it would, but the boys did great.....it might have been the 3 small ice cream cones they got to eat each. ;)

Thanks Lindsay Murdock for the picture! And thanks Amy for corralling Chandler when he tried to climb into the show ring while I was scooping.  :)  I have the best friends!
Saturday I helped all day with the youth livestock auction, and the boys hung out at home with Clint.   I had wanted to take them back into the fair, but Cal was tired and the wind was whipping sand everywhere so we stayed home.

The sale went really well, and as always it was fun to help clerk it.  A big thank you to the auction committee who puts in A LOT of behind the scenes work to make this as successful as it is every year. 

Sunday we did a few chores at home, and then hit Costco after naps.  In the morning, the boys were so kind and helped me re-arrange all of my pans.  Lol.

Costco had their fall mums in, so I got a cart load of them.  Chandler was in the cart I was pushing (without the mums) and he kept pointing at the flowers and saying "MY EAR!" over and over, and pointing to the flowers.  I told him, "No buddy, those are flowers - not ears."  He kept struggling and pointing, and then he tucked his finger behind his ear and the light bulb went off.

Sweet boy just wanted a flower behind his ear.  :)  And we couldn't let brother not have one too!

So that was our weekend!  I'll post fair pictures later this week (there are a lot of them!) and that was a super fun time too.

Hope you had a good weekend too!  Keep living the dream!


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