Weekend wrap up.

Happy Monday!

We had a nice little weekend at home, and the boys got to play a ton.

We love these little tractor sets that I bought last year from Costco!

Saturday we ran errands in the morning, and went to visit Pam.  It was so great to see her, and just chat for a bit.  After that I dropped by the Toyota dealership so they could look at the sliding door on my van which had been having trouble closing....they greased it, and I made an appointment to drop it off today.

After that I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, and when I went to get Cal out and shut the door, it moved about 8 inches and then got stuck.  In the open position.  And there was no shutting it, even manually.  Lol - so that was awesome.  ;)

I wasn't going to drive across town with the boys and a door like that, and I knew Clint was mowing the lawn and wouldn't have his phone on him.  It was like the 1980's, where you actually had to have patience and just wait a bit.  :)  So that's what we did - I sent Clint a text to call when he got in, and then we draped a blanket over the door to block the sun, and watched a movie while the boys had a snack.  About an hour later Clint called, and so he came to town and got the boys and then I drove thru town with my sliding door open and dropped the van off at the dealership. 

I only got a few looks, and a couple of hand signals.  Lol.

Once we got that all squared away, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to Heppner for their county fair and livestock auction.  They had a great sale, and it was fun to be in the bleachers for one.

The boys were awake by the end of the sale, and we of course had to check out the tractors they had on display.  :)  I loved how they had little ones there that were easy for them to get up onto.

Sunday was LOW KEY and we stayed at home (inside due to all of the smoke from wildfires), except for a quick trip to Safeway to pick up the groceries I had intended on getting the day before. 

No beer this trip. ;)  We did pick up some cheese though, which was on the other side of the aisle.  Bath time had me re-evaluating my shopping cart choices though.  ;)

I love how our Safeway gives kids a cookie - our first stop is always to pick up a box of pop for Chandler to sit on, and then we stop by the bakery.  A cookie keeps our kids occupied for almost the entire shopping trip which is a total mom win for me!

Chandler even fell asleep in my lap which NEVER HAPPENS.

Clint picked up a little rope for Chandler last week, and he has had a ball with it.  I'm just glad he's roping the rocking horse, instead of his brother's head.  :)

So that was our weekend!

We're living the dream here - how about you?


  1. Oh my gosh...your can story. I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh but I am seeing it happen as you tell it. I am so glad you are patient. I am not sure I would have been!! Fun weekend otherwise!!


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