Labor Day Weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

We had a nice, low key weekend at home.  We have a busy September coming up, so it was nice to stay home and work on some projects here before the rest of the month comes at us.
Clint has been working really hard on updating the irrigation system here.  When we bought our place, it was all irrigated out of a ditch with either flood or siphon tubes.  That worked ok, but it was a lot of maintenance and time.  You had to set tarps every set, and changing water/moving siphons took at least 45 minutes (if things went right) or more (if a ditch blew, or siphons wouldn't run).
The ideal thing would have been to put in a quarter circle pivot, but the way our water comes in to us, and where the power lies made it pretty expensive to do that.  And long term, we're bordered by the Urban Growth Boundary on two sides, so an expensive small pivot didn't make the most sense if we were ever going to subdivide.
So Clint started buying mainline and gated pipe, as he found it used and in decent shape, and he's been working really hard on his days home to get that all figured out. We're not done yet, but he has two lines almost all the way done, and it makes it so easy to load up the boys and change a few gates before and after work. 
Yesterday while we were testing it out, the boys got to enjoy the fruits of Clint's labor and were SO happy to play in the water!

Our friends Terry & Anna brought their cows home this weekend from Ukiah, and while Clint was laying pipe the boys & I drove a trailer up there to help.
It is SO dry in Ukiah this year - cattle can normally stay until Thanksgiving, but not this year.

Hauling cows is tough work.  ;)

We sold our Camry yesterday!

And Hallie bought it!  :)  I just love when things like that happen - Hallie is Terry & Anna's granddaughter and was looking for a car.  Turns out I was looking for a buyer. :)

She came and got it last night, and I hope she gets as many good miles out of it as I have!
They had a great weekend too!

We pulled out the blocks, and they loved getting to play with those.  They'd load them up in their tractor buckets and dump them into the buckets. 

Clint bought a playhouse the other day, and the boys have loved playing in that; and sliding into it.  I see a lot of obstacle courses in our future.

Clint also sprayed the heifers Monday night, and when he was calibrating the backpack sprayer with water Chandler wanted to be doing the same we put a backpack on him, and gave him a water gun and he was so tickled to get to have his "pack pack" on like dad.



So that was our weekend!

How was yours?


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