Let 'Er Buck!

For those that don't live near Pendleton, you may not know how big of a deal the Pendleton Round Up is.

And I get it - it's just a rodeo.  But to our small, ag based community it's an event that draws a lot of people together for the same purpose and gives our community something to take pride in.

We did Round Up a little differently this year, than the original plan we had laid out in August.  Originally, we talked about taking the boys to the rodeo Thursday on family day and then going Friday with Clint's dad who was flying in from Nebraska.  Then on Saturday, just Clint and his dad would go because we learned our lesson last year and weren't going to take the boys again to such a busy performance.

My new job at NWFCS changed the plans, and then Clint and Dave went to help Ryan gather that week as well so the final plan ended up being that Clint & Dave went to slack on Tuesday, I went to the Wed performance with a group from work, I took the boys on Thursday with Henry & Lindsay, my mom came over Friday and went to Westward Ho! with us, and then Clint and his dad went to the Friday and Saturday performances.  So while we may not have experienced the rodeo all together as a family of four - we certainly got a good dose of it.  :)

Below are a few pictures from the week - it was a lot of fun, but a little trying too.  I try to keep it all in perspective, but at the end of the day our two boys don't do the best at sitting in one place watching something they don't understand.  And I get that; but was also hoping we could make it thru a majority of the performance.  Thanks to my family who helped, and to the VanderPlaat's (who we sat with) for understanding.  

Also, the explanation above tells you why Clint nor his dad are in none of the rodeo pictures....which makes me sad, but the very last picture is one we took the night before Dave flew home.  We sure loved having him here for the week, and the boys LOVED seeing and playing with their Papa.  ❤

Trying to get 4 Sexson men to all look and smile for a picture is tougher than you might think.....but all of the Sexson women in our family are nodding in understanding right now too.  ;)

This picture below is one of my favorites though - it may be blurry and poorly lit but it just captures how much Cal loves his Papa.

And so while 2018 Round Up may not have gone how we'd planned, that doesn't make it any less memorable. 

How did you Let 'Er Buck?


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