Picking up the falls.

It may seem funny, but I joke that Clint and I have this balance of who is managing what in our lives; and it basically boils down to "I manage the inside things, and he manages the outside things".

So if you were to ask me where all of our cows are right now; I couldn't tell you.  Some are at our house; but some are other places...and where they all are on this particular day, I couldn't tell you.

I know - some of you are shaking your head.  But I know if something were to happen to one us of, that one of our friends (Ryan, Morgan, Wade, etc.) knows where the cows are and I can rely on them to let me know.

So the other day I found out that some of our fall cows were in Pilot Rock, and when Clint said he was headed out to pick up some heavies; the boys and I tagged along.

We had the BEST time.

We dropped Clint off at the pasture on Twist to gather and sort, while we ran down and borrowed Ryan & Amy's gator.  Clint initially thought we'd have to drive the cows down the road to a set of corrals to load; and I was more effective in the gator with the boys.  It turned out that we could get the trailer in; but the boys had a ball "driving" before we figured that out.

While Clint gathered one final cow, we kept busy taking selfies and then loaded up and returned the Gator.  The weather was gorgeous, the boys were happy and it was one of those times when I didn't realize how much I needed a mental break and so the afternoon outside was just a nice reset after a hectic week.

I love that we get to do this life together as a family of four; that we have a common bond as a family over cattle, and that we have friends that let us live this dream and support us in the ways they do. 

We're living the dream.

Really & truly. 

And this afternoon was a great reminder of that.


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