When life gets techy.

Hi friends.

My name is Darcy, and up until 9/10/18, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on techy things.

And then I got an iPhone for work.
I've never had anything but an Android.

And I couldn’t access any of my contacts, texts or calendar from my old phone on my new phone.

And my 1 year old dropped my external hard drive.
Which basically had my life saved on it.
And I haven’t had any access to contacts, or historical files and pictures as I was starting a new job and attempting to organize an FFA benefit auction.

I think the term is:
PS - The new job is going well.  The auction planning....not so much, but hopefully after a few late nights I can get my to do list under control.
My new office
So if you ever feel like I have my stuff together and handled, I will glad let this post remind you that I do not.


And while I have a few things handled (like getting my contacts transferred to my new phone today) I still can’t figure out why Blogger and iPhones (or i-anything; HELLO differing operating systems) I do have a few pictures to show you.
Cal loves the play kitchen....and chalk. 

We're fall calving!

I love these three a lot!  Working hard to make a better life for all of us is WORTH IT.
I’ll be back to regular blogging in a bit....until then, thanks for hanging with my very non-techy self. ;)
Prayers my hard drive gets restored (you don't even want to KNOW what that cost) and I get my files back......lesson learned, I'll be paying the bucks to back up online after this whole process.


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