Calvin - 16 months

Calvin David Dean
I had hoped to write this post at 15 months....but it's happening at 16 months.
Second child syndrome is a real thing - sorry buddy.
You have made SO many strides these past couple months!
You are running, walking, can climb stairs holding someone's hand, climb up onto chairs and whiz around on playground equipment.  You weigh 27 pounds, and wear size 2T clothes, a size 5 diaper and a size 6 shoe.
You love to talk, and can easily repeat things we say - shoe, Dada, Mama, Dot, cow, more, night night, up, drive and drink.

You have 16 teeth, and are kind of a particular eater.  Some days you eat a lot; some days you eat a little, and are particular about what you want.  You especially love fruit though - bananas, raspberries, strawberries and melon.  You like steamed brocolli, cheese and yogurt, and can take or leave a carb.  (Not sure who's son you are, lol!)  You think you are SO BIG when you get to drink out of a real cup, especially if it's one of daddy's.

And sometimes you like to eat a little dirt. ;)
You are happy to be inside or outside, and like to be with mom or dad.  You get so excited when one of us comes home or picks you up, and that makes our hearts feel so good!
We sure love you buddy - thanks for completing our family of four!


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