"I play park!"

"I play park!"
"Momma, I play park!"  "Park, momma!"
Chances are; if we are driving by a park - this is what I hear from the middle row of the van.

We are so lucky to have a lot of great parks and playgrounds around here to frequent.  The City of Stanfield has a great park literally two blocks from the end of our driveway, and it is not only convenient but has bathrooms and multiple play structures.  The city just added to it this year, and my boys love to play there.  Nanna Kelley takes the kids there a lot too - it's easy to let them play and keep an eye on everyone, which is so nice for the adults!
The school in Stanfield has the best slides, and we like to go there a lot on Sunday evenings.  Calvin is big enough now he can climb all the way up on his own, and go down the slides by himself too - I catch him on the double slide - but the rest he can go down himself and not shoot off the end onto the ground.

I love that the boys like to be outside, and am happy to stop for a half hour or so anytime we can to let them play.  I figure they put up with a lot of our escapades, and the least we can do is encourage them to play!
So for as long as I hear "I play park!" from behind me; you'll find us playing at a park.  :)


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