Playing with PlayDoh

Chandler won a really nice Play-Doh set last week at the library, but I didn't think he'd really play with it too much when he brought it home.   I had given him Play-Doh a couple of months ago, and he didn't take any interest in it...

Well, I don't know what changed - but he was ALL ABOUT the Play-Doh!
I just loved how much he loved playing with it!

Yes, Play-Doh is messy....but we don't have any carpet in our house, and the dried up, day old Play-Doh vacuumed right up so the mess was very limited. 

It's rare to find something that will capture Chan's attention for an hour at a time; but the Play-Doh did and I was thrilled.
Thank you Stanfield Library for providing fun prizes to the library kids!


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