Dinner helpers.

The most chaotic hour of our entire day is probably 5:45-6:45 pm at our house.  It’s when we’re arriving home, shedding back packs and shoes, finding a snack to tide the boys over until I can make dinner, then prepping some sort of dinner we will all like before we all sit down and attempt to eat that dinner.

And then usually Chandler will take two bites and proclaim “I play!”


Anyone else in the same boat?

Regardless of the craziness that is happening during this time (and there’s usually a lot of crazy) I try to let the boys help me if it’s safe to do so.  If they can’t chop something easy (like lettuce for a salad or mushrooms for roasting) then I let them “do the dishes” in the sink.

They love bubbles. ❤️

So even though it may make things even a little crazier; they're happy and hopefully learning a life skill or two in the long run.

Even if that skill is how to use a LOT of soap, to clean one cup.  ;)

Happy Thursday friends - hope it's full of bubbles, happy kiddos and a little crazy.


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