Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We had a really nice holiday at home.  Clint had to breed a few heifers first thing, and Chandler has a hard time not being able to open gifts if he sees them, so we woke up to no presents under the tree and played for a bit until Clint got home and then Clint took the boys into our bedroom and "Santa" came to our house and put presents out.

Except when I dropped the boys off at our babysitter's this morning, and Kelley asked Chandler if Santa brought him presents, he replied "No, but mama did!" 

Whoops.  :)

The boys enjoyed opening presents, and both were excited to get strider bikes and a few toys.  Chandler loved his new "crane", which is actually a tow truck that actually winds a rope that he can pull things with and Calvin got a huge kick out of sitting in the sled the boys got and pulling on the handles.

After presents, we ran to town to drop off cardboard at recycling (keeping it real!) and then went and had lunch with Anna and her family.  The prime rib she made was delicious, and it was nice to play games with everyone.  We sure missed Terry; I think we always will.

A few pictures from the morning before we opened presents....notice Chandler working on his calf pulling skills.  :)

We came home, made mac & cheese for dinner for the boys, did baths and then sat down to watch a movie - only to find out our internet was out so no Christmas Netflix for us.  ;)  We played a bit, and then Cal went down.  Chandler went to sleep in his bed with his tow truck at 8:30 and I didn't hear anything for a bit so we went to bed too.  Well....9:45 rolled around and Chandler was standing at our bedside WIDE AWAKE with his tow truck saying "I play!".  He must have been rolling the hook in and out of the truck for the past hour in his bed.....that kid! :)  The tow truck stayed in my room, and Chandler went back in his bed fussing the whole way, but he stayed put and went to sleep.

That was a Christmas miracle in itself! :)

Hope you had a great day too - Merry Christmas!


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