Fall AI.

Clint wrapped up his fall AI season right after the first of the year.  We stayed home for most of it, but he had quite a few local projects and so we tagged along on those if we could.

I call these Fall AI projects because we’re breeding cows to have calves in the fall. That’s common for purebred breeders in our area, who are trying to make 18 mo old bulls by their sale, and for most California ranches who want fall calves to turn out on early grass. There are also other ranches like Double M who have feed resources to run fall commercial cows and want the labor savings a fall calving cow provides.  

These are just a few pictures I snapped....helping thaw and wrangle kids adds a whole new dimension to picture taking, and the slow isn’t great, but it’s life as we know it right now. ;)

Meadow Acres Angus

Columbia Feeders


Double M

And with that, I think the 2018 Fall AI season is a wrap!

It won't be long until we're breeding springs!

As always, if you have questions about AI feel free to call Clint at 541-609-0167


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