Baby sheep.

I know - we should call them lambs, but Chandler calls them "Baby sheep" and thinks that they are "Soooo cute!". 
Our friends Cameron & Erin invited us out to their ranch on Saturday for a kids lambing day.  They run both sheep and cows, and are right in the thick of lambing.  Kyle and her girls went with us and we had the best morning!  The weather was PERFECT (a total 180* from the blizzard we're in today) and Cameron and Erin were super relaxed with all of the kids running around.

The sheep were too. That might have surprised me the most.  As the kids went thru the jugs, the ewes didn't seem bothered at all and didn't run away.  If it'd been a barn full of penned cows with day old calves; I think a few panels might have been sacrificed in the process.  ;)
The Krebs crew was loading out lambs from the jugs to smaller pens, and Cameron let the kids help.  They got to carry the baby lambs to the trailer, and then ride in it in front of the ewes as they drove them down the alley to their larger outdoor pen.  Taylor did so good carrying her lamb!

Chandler is still talking about the "cute baby sheeps!"
 Not sure why every picture is blown out - I think I hit a setting on my cell phone.  #iphonerookie

Thank you Cameron & Erin for a great day! 
We really appreciated your hospitality!


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