Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday friends!

We're headed to the beach this weekend to celebrate the January & February birthdays in our family, and I'm looking forward to letting the boys play in the sand (if it's not pouring down rain) and maybe having a glass of craft beer while they do that.  :)

I thought I'd post just a few favorites from life lately -

1. We sure love where we live.

I've put on a few miles this week, and I am always reminded that we live in a great place.  We have dirt fields, small agricultural communities outside our doorstep, yet access to big cities and transportation within an arms reach.  You don't find that everywhere - and I'm glad we have it here.

2. Nights in the barn.

Our normal nightly routine this week is rolling home, shedding back packs and putting on barn clothes, popping something in to the oven to heat up, and heading out to the barn to do chores.  Chores aren't anything strenuous - just feeding a bale of hay if it's a day we are feeding alfalfa, checking cows to see if anything is calving and making sure the water tanks are full.  The boys love opening the rolling door, riding in the skidsteer with Clint, and pushing hay around with their own little shovels. 

3. Sweaters on the boys & birthday gifts.

Through various family members, our boys got a few new sweaters or pullovers this year for Christmas and I think they just so look darn cute in them!

Chandler also got a birthday card with three dollar bills in them from his Poppa and Grandma Melly and homeboy was EXCITED about his "monies"!

4. Watching ball games.

There was a big AAU basketball tournament in our town last weekend, and we had the best time watching a few games our friends kids were playing in.  I didn't know how long we'd last, but the boys made it through two, 1 hour games!

5. Comfy nights in PJs.

Let's be honest - who doesn't love a comfy night spent inside the house in your pjs?!?

Add popcorn into the mix, and a "ball game" as Chan calls his little tee ball set and you have a pretty nice night at the Sexson household!

Momma might also enjoy a TG beer with her popcorn while the boys sip on their milk.  ;)


That's a little look at a few favorites around our place.  What plans do you have for the weekend?


  1. Love it!! Headed to the Young Farmers Farm Bureau conference tonight and tomorrow. (Those kiddos can really drink their brews!) Will go visit the last few of Dad's calves who moved over to my father-in-laws place this weekend, too. You know you married well when they accept newly weaned calves 3 days before it is -60 (yes, negative 60). Love to all for Birthday fun!!


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