TCCA & Mod

Have you eaten at MOD Pizza yet?

It is probably my favorite "fast" place to eat right now.  We don't have one in town, but there is one in The Dalles and so whenever we head west I like to stop there for dinner if it makes sense.

We ate dinner there on our way to the beach, and I love that the food is affordable; the restaurant itself is kind of loud (so I don't have to worry about my children being perfectly silent) and that the booths give enough space for the boys to stand up and just have some wiggle room space.  Plus - the wood fired, thin crust pizza is DELICIOUS!  And you can put anything on it; and as many toppings as you want - all for the same low price.  Winner, winner, Mod Pizza Dinner!

And they have sparkling water on tap - so basically my two food love languages (copious amounts of seltzer and thin crust pizza with pesto) are in one place.  :)


On our way home from the beach, we met my college roommate Becky and her kiddos at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to see their new visitor center and eat lunch.  The food was good, but a little spendy so I think next time we'll eat a light lunch and just get ice cream.  :)  You can't ever beat Tillamook ice cream!  Cookie dough is my favorite.

After we ate; we went through the visitors center.  Chan had a ball!  Cal wasn't quite sure if the calf and cow were real or not, so he kept his distance.  :)

Two fun places; if you have the chance to eat at a MOD or visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory - I would encourage it!


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