The Beach!

We spent this weekend at the beach, and had a great little weekend.  Chandler especially loves the beach, and you throw in his Gaga and he was ready to go Wednesday.  :)  Too bad we didn't leave until Friday night.  ;)
My mom and sister really like Pacific City, so that's where we always stay.  I like that we know what to expect, and we have friends who let us rent their beach house so then we totally know what to expect in terms of accommodations and that's awesome too.
We hit the beach first thing Saturday morning and had the most gorgeous weather!


Donna and George had this fun little scooter at the house, and so we tied two dog leashes together and pulled Chandler all over PC with it.  He adored it, and we tried to get Cal to ride it but he wouldn't have it.  Maybe next year.  :)

 And that was our time at the beach!


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