A Saturday with Gaga!

Our boys call my mom "Gaga" and they were so excited when we walked in the door Friday night after the Rollin' Rock Sale to see Gaga!

We had a great day with her Saturday - we hit up the bounce house, Chandler made sure Gaga looked beautiful, and we played with Play-Doh.

I have to laugh a little - when I was probably 8 or 9 years old, my mom would perm my hair (my hair wasn't curly until I was a teenager) and one of her favorite pictures was of me with my hair in rollers, with a cape on.  I did not care for the picture at all - but my mom loved to put it in family slide slows, etc.

So when Chandler was doing my mom's hair this weekend, she was like "You better not post any of these" and I was like "Do you remember that picture of me you loved to share?!?"  Ha ha - sometimes paybacks are hard.  ;)

Thanks Gaga for spending your weekend with us!

....and for letting Chandler "do" your hair!



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