Life lately.

It's 8:06 pm on a Tuesday as I start to type this post.  The boys are freshly bathed, and in jammies watching an episode of Blaze while they wind down with milk.  Clint left a bit ago to run up to Tri-Cities to pick up some semen he needs to finish a shipment tomorrow to a customer, and I'm typing in the office as I glance out the window at the twinkling solar lights that line the front of our house.

Life has been busy - but not in a chaotic way.  Busy in a way where days are full, but not overstuffed and where we choose to spend time as a family versus time in front of a screen.  My blogging has been lacking, but life hasn't.  :)

We've been spending time at bull sales; cheering on friends, helping other friends buy genetics, and letting the boys get a healthy dose of playing on tractors and in the shavings.  Ryan & Amy had a great sale a week and a half ago that I got to help clerk (which is so fun for me!) and then we also spent last Saturday at 9 Mile where Josh & Kristin had a pretty great day!

Amy helped me get the boys to the van when we were ready to leave 9 Mile on Saturday.  We were standing there visiting and Cal wouldn't let her give up her hand; and just kept holding it for probably 20 minutes.  He was so tickled to hold her hand!

I had to also include these:

Ryan & Amy hosted a group of friends at Big John's after their sale, and had rolls of quarters for the kids to play video games.  Chandler and Calvin thought they were SO COOL playing with the big boys, and we were sure thankful to Pace, Colter & Blair who made them feel special!

The weather has also turned around here, and we finally have had some nice days to spend outside in the sunshine.  It's amazing how a little sunshine can affect your attitude!

We're still feeding cows, and will be for quite awhile until the grass can grow so once a week we pull back tarps and open up the stack so Clint can pull bales down to feed.  I'm happy to climb up, so Clint hauls me to the top in the skidsteer and I pull from the top while he pulls from the sides. 

I got to travel a bit this week for work late last week, and for meetings in Salem for Oregon State and the Statewides/Extension this weekend and Monday.  Clint held down the fort at home with the boys, and even got their playground put up!

Dress here - it has pockets!

So that's a little look at life lately!

Clint's AI season is ramping up (we put CIDRs in his first set of cows last week, and they pulled them today) so the flood gates of work are about to open, but we're ready!  We're looking forward to another great Spring AI season, and helping him where we can.

And with that - I'm going to wrap this up and go tuck two tired boys into bed. 

Happy Tuesday friends - keep living the dream!


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