Weekend wrap up.

Today's post is a little look at our weekend!
I actually wrote this post late Sunday afternoon while the boys were napping, but I also shared a few of my favorites that day so I scheduled this one for today.
We had a great weekend at home this weekend! 
Clint had to drive to Eugene on Saturday, so he got up at 4 am to check calves  and then left.  He takes the early am shift, and then checks for Anna too and I check at midnight so he can sleep thru the night and then I sleep in until my work alarm goes off.  I got up when Clint left and got ready and caught up on chores around the house (normal stuff like meal prep, laundry & dishes) while the boys were sleeping.  When they woke up, we headed to town to run errands!

It was cold all weekend, and Clint was gone for most of it so I knew we'd be inside most of the time.  After running errands Saturday, I took the boys to the inflatable fun gym in town and they had a ball!  If you live in Hermiston, you know how fun this place is!!!  And it's really inexpensive - kids are $4 and adults are $1, and you can bring your own drinks/snacks in.  I like to pick up a coffee and then I planned it so we got there right at 10 am and left around 11:30 am when it started to get busy.

I try to put the boys in matching tops when I take them out to something like this by myself, because it's easier for me to spot them/key an eye on them when they're playing in different areas.
They had a ball!
Later that day, I was able to get Cal's closet switched from 2T to 3T and Chandler's closet switched from 4T to 5T.  Chandler's been in 5T for a month now, and Cal is in that awkward stage where a 2T is too small but a 3T is a bit big.....but I'd rather be loose and comfortable than tight so I took him to 3T.
I also specifically needed to get out 3T zippered PJ's, because Cal has figured out how to take off his pants and diaper (!!!!) and last Thursday found it hilarious that he could pee on his bed after I had put him down to go to sleep. 
I only knew something was up because he was LAUGHING over the intercom.

His little nudist side is still coming out - he is always unzipping himself, but at least he isn't taking off his diaper in these!
At home later that weekend we played dress up, checked for cows who were calving, gave the kitties some love, ate easy meals and did a mud mask at bath time.  :)

I also fed the cows Saturday while the boys were napping in the van.  We don't mind feeding with the boys loose and playing when one person is free outside of the skidsteer to watch them, but I won't feed cows alone like that just due to safety.  So we took an extended drive late Saturday afternoon when neither one would sleep and a few bumpy roads later I had two sleeping babies and a half hour free to feed cows while they were safely buckled in a warm van.  :)

Clint had also brought in a red calf who was a little bit cold the night before, and I ended up tubing him with electrolytes Saturday morning.  I was anticipating having to milk his mama out that afternoon while he was gone but the electrolytes worked and by the afternoon he was bouncing all over, and Clint turned them out Sunday morning when he got home.
We fed cows late Sunday after Clint got home from looking thru bulls, ate dinner and had a pretty cozy night in.

....well, I went back to finish this post up last night and the boys' late naps Sunday came back to bite me and we have two wild little Indians on our hands as I type this and finish this post.  :)  They'll go to bed eventually....

How was your weekend?


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