Dirt, sunshine & happy boys.

It's been blowing hard and raining like crazy here this week, but last week we had a nice little jag of beautiful weather and we took advantage of it!!!

The boys love to be outside, and with the warmer temperatures we spent free time on the weekend, and evenings after work outside playing. 

Clint rented a mini excavator last week, and was using it to dig trenches (he's going to plumb in a set of livestock water tanks) and the boys couldn't even wait to get out of their pajamas before they were outside helping. 

Chan can't quite say "excavator" and kept calling it the "elevator".  :)

We've really been having to pay attention this week; we can be inside folding laundry or making dinner and Cal will put on his boots and sneak out the door before I even know he's outside!  Homeboy does not feel the need to be inside this week (when it's been blowing hard and raining like cats & dogs) and gets SO mad when we bring him back in.  ;)

It's probably a good thing Clint ran out of time when he was trenching - he took the excavator back, and will lay pipe probably this weekend and then we'll rent it again to finish up - but until then if you need us; you might come look in the dirt piles.

We'll probably be there with two happy little boys.  :)


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