Let the games begin!

I feel like I should sound a bell, or fire off a shotgun because the AI season is here and in full swing!

Clint bred for a few ranches in March, but April/May/June is really his busiest time of the year - and then he'll get busy again Sept thru Dec on fall herds.  As a Large Herd Specialist for All West Select Sires, his job is to work with ranches to implement AI in large commercial (and/or purebred) herds.

He's been with All West full time for a couple of years now, and while I'm not as involved in the process as when we owned an AI business on our own - I still like to show up and help if I can.  The boys add a dimension of planning, so we don't go to every project :) but if there's one where we can help and not be in the way, we like to show up.  Clint's gone a lot during this time period so we like to see him when we can.

Luckily, a lot of replacement heifers get developed and bred at Top Cut feedlot in Stanfield and Walt is very patient with our boys.  (Thank you Walt!!!)  We helped put CIDRs in last weekend in a set of GS and Diggins heifers and everyone did well and had fun I think!

Chandler was our CIDR gun cleaner....and he took his job VERY seriously.  :)

This is probably the last year I'll get to "wear a baby" and I am going to miss it!  Cal had been sleeping for the first 20 head or so, but woke up and needed a little bit of snuggle time before he was off and running with Chandler.

Walt caught the heifers and gave the GnRH shot, Clint put in the CIDR, I loaded CIDR guns and Callie brought the cattle and pushed them up for us.  We had a good system going and it was low stress....always a good way to work cattle on a Sunday.  :)

From here until the end of June....if you need Clint, send him a text because he's probably got his arm in a cow.  :)

Let the games begin, and may success be reason enough!


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