The carnival!

Last weekend Clint was in Idaho breeding cows and the boys and I were at home holding down the fort.  Saturday morning I'd told Chandler I would take them to the bounce house (which is only open 10-1 on Saturday) but by the time we got done running errands it was close to noon and the boys were in dire need of a nap.  They slept for 3 solid hours (and I slept for 1 glorious hour!!!!) and while they were still asleep, I was scrolling the Facebook classifieds and ran across a picture noting the carnival was in town.  Since I didn't follow through on my promise of the bounce house; I made it up to them and took them to the carnival!

It was SO FUN!

We had been having really random weather (either gorgeous or blowing wind and dumping rain) and so there were hardly any people there and we had the run of the kiddy rides to ourselves!

Chandler loves riding on the rides, and knew what to do since he had gotten to ride at the county fair last year.  This was first time on the rides for Cal (age/height he hasn't been eligible) and at first he didn't like me buckling him in and walking away - but as soon as the ride started he "got it" and was 100% on board!


We all had a really fun time, and an hour later were back in the van headed home.  I know we're fortunate to be able to just pick up and head into the carnival and pay for rides and I'm thankful that we can do that.  I also am thankful that we have kids who can go with the flow and enjoy things like this - and going to the carnival is just as much fun for me as it is for them, since I get to experience their excitement and happiness too.

It was a really fun evening for the three of us; and I'm looking forward to this summer when we can hit up a few of the county fairs Clint will be judging; along with our local fair and take the boys on more rides!


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