Weekend Top 10.

Happy Monday!
The boys are sleeping, Clint's in Wallowa County AI'ing a few heifers and I had 10 extra minutes this morning so I'm going to try to get out a blog post.  :)  I hope you all had a great weekend!  It's still cold here, but the sun shined most of the weekend so we are thankful for that.  I know a lot of friends are buried under snow again - and frankly, that just sucks.  Sorry guys - we're thinking about you!
So here's a quick recap of our weekend;
1. Filling tanks

Cal + Water = A Happy Boy

2. Time with Gaga
My mom came over this weekend and we were thankful to have her here!  The boys love their Gaga, and we appreciated her help!

3. Dairy Ambassador Contest
I spent Friday night in Prosser helping judge the Yakima Valley Dairy Ambassador contest and it was so fun!  I was a dairy princess growing up in Yamhill and Linn/Benton counties, and have many fond memories of that process and the kindness and generosity the dairy industry displayed towards me.  It was so fun to be immersed back into that scene, and let me tell you - it doesn't matter if the contest is in Oregon or Washington, the feel is still the same! :)

4. Cutting calves.
Anna asked a few friends to come help cut their beef calves, and give a few shots and we really enjoyed our morning!   I'll post a whole post on this later this week, but even in the wind it was fun!
5. Time on Twist.
Chandler + Twist = A Very Happy Boy
6. Wearing babies.
Chan and Cal each got a turn in the Ergo this weekend.  :)

7. Time with daddy.
8. Mud Puddles
Oh my word.  You cannot keep a boy out of a mud puddle, I swear!  :)

9. Mr. Kitty
Chandler finally caught him on his own!  :)
10. Moving pairs to grass.
Well, kind of.  :) 
Clint and Morgan put CIDRs in the early spring cows and vaccinated, and they got moved to a small piece of grass.  Our main fields still need to grow (it's been too cold) and so they're getting tempted but not turned out.  ;)

And that's a little look of the weekend....
Happy Monday - go out and live the dream!


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