Weekend wrap up.

It's late Sunday night, and to be honest - I'm wiped.
I know I'm behind on blogging - and I'll catch up sometime; but tonight's not the night.  We had a good weekend - it was just the boys and I until after lunch on Sunday (Clint was in Idaho breeding cows) and then we helped him put in CIDRs when he got home.  No naps led to a trying evening and an early bedtime.
The view out our back door.

Saying good morning to daddy via a text

The boys have been in love with excavator videos on YouTube and love to play as they watch.
When it's free dump week, and Daddy is away - you do what you have to do and get the old pressure tank from the pumphouse hauled off.  :)  The minivan came through again!

We also hit up the carnival, bought seeds for our planters, and got a lot of chores done outside - I'll post those pictures in another post later this week. 
Hope you have a great week.  Keep living the dream!


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