About Me.

Hi there!

I'm Darcy. 

You know, it's really hard to write a description about yourself,
because while I'd like to think I'm all of that and a bag 'o beans,

I'm not.
I'm not polished, or anywhere near perfect.
I'm clumsy, I usually knock the table when I sit down with a group, and I stumble on my words sometimes.

I'm just me. 
Living the best way that I can.

We're cattle people, and we sure enjoy the industry and the people in it.

You can usually find me at work in the Umatilla Farm Service Agency office where I'm a County Executive Director, at our small acreage where we raise a few Charolais, at an AI project, or at a livestock function.

I try to smile a lot.
I try to laugh a lot.
And I try to love a lot.

At brandings you'll usually find me working on the ground crew.
I don't usually ride and I don't know how to rope, but I do know how to wield a syringe.

I'm an OSU grad, a Beavers fan, a Republican, and I drive a Ford.

I love being a wife to my husband Clint.  He's pretty much the best husband I could ever ask for.

In 2016, I received one of the best gifts ever when I became a mom to Chandler.

And then in 2017, our sweet Calvin was born and now our little family is complete!

I take pictures with a Canon Rebel Clint gave to me at Christmas a few years ago, and owe any ounce of skill behind the camera to my good friend Lindsay.

 I usually wear running pants and tennis shoes whenever I work outside.   Because I've done my fair share of laundry -
and manure always comes out of running pants on the first wash.

Hey - A girl's gotta help herself out where she can.
Plus, ummm hello - elastic waistband!  Need I say more?

I like to cook, I don't exactly love to clean,
but I make sure my floors are mopped every month before Bunco.

So that's me.  Well, sort of.  As much as you can fit in a few words on a screen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. 
I sure enjoy writing on it, and hope you enjoy the glimpses into our everyday life. 

Take care!


"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming 'Wow - What a Ride!'"


  1. I love this! True in every way! Keep shining friend!!

  2. I agree; bios are so hard, but loved learning more about you! Maybe our paths will cross some day and we'll meet in person.

  3. Love your blog! You are inspiring me to start blogging again!!


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